Winter Editorial: The Enston Bldg.

For our last editorial of the season we set up production in the Enston Building, a 142 year-old structure on lower King Street. Housed inside the historic building is a third generation family-operated antiques business. We were able to explore the expansive upper floorplan (the first floor is the retail storefront) and took full advantage of the rich textures and architectural details the space afforded us.ICJOHN_11717_-83 copyICJOHN_11717_40 copyICJOHN_11717_54 copyICJOHN_11717_-93 copyICJOHN_11717_-86 copyICJOHN_11717_-101 copyICJOHN_11717_-108 copyICJOHN_11717_-91 copy ICJOHN_11717_-64 copyIC_JOHN_110717C3_-15IC_JOHN_110717C3_-14 copyICJOHN_11717_48 copyICJOHN_11717_53 copyICJOHN_11717_45 copy  
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