Quoddy | What's In a Moccasin?

The name Quoddy has become synonymous with quality footwear. Each pair is individually handsewn by skilled craftsmen in Perry, Maine. The tradition began in 1909 when Harry Smith Shorey began making his own shoes. A firm believer in moccasin construction, Mr. Shorey appreciated their strength, comfort and ability to conform to one's foot. What you get is a durable yet lightweight, casual shoe that will last you for years to come.

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  • Galang

    Hi, not sure if you ever got around to bynuig these, but if I may, I would like to share my opinion. I own all three of these, and more, actually. The camp moc is my all time favorite shoe.LL Bean, the new shoe, well, the classic looks are there but the quality is just subpar. They do run big, I normally wear a 12.5 EE and I bought these in a regular width 12 and they are still roomy. The leather is stiff, but not unmanageable. The sole would be my biggest complaint. They are not camp soles. They are some hodgepoded, almost athletic shoe sole. They do stretch out, too, which has made them uwearable at this point. They just flop off my heel.Russell's, I had mine custom made to my foot measurements. The leather is thick, but supple. Only problem, they don't fit right. The body of the shoe was stitched onto the sole incorrectly so it always looks like my foot is turned out. I tried to get this fixed to no avail. I sent them back twice, not fixed. A big disappointment. Also, not a camp sole once again. It is a boat shoe sole. The slight heal is contrary to everything a camp moc should be. I decided that any more effort in getting them fixed or replaced was not worth my time, so they are collecting dust.Quoddy, well, these by far are my favorite. Once you know how to order them, they are fantastic. I order them straight from Quoddy and have them customized for my liking. If you call them, they are extremely helpful and willing to work with you. You can get any leather, any sole, any color lace, eyelets or not, lined or not. I have my 4th pair on order right now. Not that I am wearing them out, I just love them so much I keep getting different version. So I would suggest going with Quoddy. If you wear a standard size, like 9M, you can get them immediately from O'Connell's in Buffalo. They carry both standard, unlined variations.But here is the ultimate camp moc, in my opinion. I copped a pair of vintage LL Bean camp mocs made by Quoddy on ebay! It was amazing luck finding them new, old stock and in my size. I guess the trad gods were on my side that day. Needless to say, they are the epitome of the camp moc. Correct flat sole with cut out wedge at the rear of the sole. They are thick and supple pebble grained bullhide. They are unlined and have nickel eyelets (which I happen to like). My only concern with these is what to do if I ever wear them out.Anyway, hope this helps, I apologize for the long winded diatribe on camp mocs, it just happens to be something close to my heart.Love the website!Best,PAB

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