Engineered Garments SS16

Engineered Garments delivers another stellar collection with a wide range of jackets, shirts and shorts. Standout pieces for us include the Chester Coat, Blackwatch Bedford Jacket and Corduroy Fatigue Shorts. Check out the entire collection here. Engineered Garments Chester Coat in Khaki Calvary TwillEngineered Garments Popover BD in Big Plaid Blue/Red/WhiteEngineered Garments Knockabout Jacket in Lt. Blue ActiveclothEngineered Garments Bedford Jacket in Oxford BlackwatchEngineered Garments Fatigue Short in 14w Corduroy Khaki

Gitman Spring/Summer 2016

Spring has finally arrived and with it a fresh batch of shirts from Gitman Brothers Vintage. This season sees a wide range of lightweight fabrics and patterns, from Indian madras to Japanese linen to archive plaids to linen stripes. This season covers all the bases. Take a look at the full collection here.   Gitman Brothers Vintage Archive Indian Madras in Green Gitman Brothers Vintage Japanese Linen in IndigoGitman Brothers Vintage Popover Japanese Chambray in BlueGitman Brothers Vintage Archive Summer Blanket Stripe

Aquarium Drunkard Interview

In our never-ending search for new music to fill the day, blogs like Aquarium Drunkard help keep the rotation fresh and interesting. We recently caught up with the founder of Aquarium Drunkard and Autumn Tone Records, Justin Gage, to pick his brain about growing up in the South, the numerous projects he constantly juggles and the Grateful Dead. You grew up in Atlanta, did that help put you on the musical path or influence you in any way?  Do you miss the south?
I do miss it. I’ve been in LA going on 15 years now, and love it, but I still very much identify with the south. As a region it is singular, uniquely rich behind compare. In terms of influence, growing up in Georgia cannot be overstated in regards to my own relationship with art and music.

You started your own record label, Autumn Tone, in 2005. Can you talk about the relationship between the label and AD? Were you finding new artists or were they seeking you out?
Save a few, we have approached the majority of the artists we’ve worked with over the years. The label grew out of wanting a way to engage with, and highlight, emerging artists. We’ve released everything from southern gothic folk records to gnarled lo-fi electronic, basement-hewn garage rock, orchestral pop, proto-punk and beyond. It shares its ethos with Aquarium Drunkard: Only The Good Shit.

With running your own label, doing music supervision, having a weekly Sirius XM show and maintaining the blog, what’s a normal day like for you?
Everything I’m involved with somehow all swirls together in one way or another. The anchor is AD and by proxy the weekly SIRIUS show, as they present a real-time view of what I’m presently listening to. The label and music supervision scratch another creative itch. I’m juggling them all in tandem.

How would you describe your taste in music? You seem to have a love for things old and new alike, do you have a favorite genre or time period?
Broad and global in scope, I suppose. I’ve never been hemmed in by genre or era. The overwhelmingly popular consensus that something that is ‘new’ is inherently ‘better’ has always felt flawed and never made sense to me — in any aspect of my life. AD is a refection of that.

We’re big fans of the Dead Notes segment of the blog. Did you ever get a chance to see the Grateful Dead live?
No, but I tried via mail order in 94/95. I made it as far as the parking lot. The band’s music has been with me for a long time. Shuffling between Minor Threat, Slint, the Cramps and the Dead was the norm when I was 15. The original impetus behind the Dead Notes column was launched as a way to try and cut through the circus; all the goofy ephemera surrounding the band that had nothing to do with the actual music. I’m happy to see the stigma surrounding them seems to have dissipated over the past several years.

Any memorable live shows you saw recently?
Gary Numan in LA last month, performing The Pleasure Principle in its entirety. There’s also a band from Montreal (Ought) that released one of my favorite records of 2015, ‘Sun Coming Down’. Seen them a couple times now; their live show is inspired.

What’s next for AD?
There are a score of Lagniappe Sessions coming out over the next few months that I’m very proud of. Artists reinventing and paying tribute to other artists work. We’re also in the midst of developing a new podcast that will launch in 2016.

We've also picked up a couple of Aquarium Drunkard's tees, the Dead Notes and 10th Anniversary "Decade" tee, featured below and available here. Aquarium Drunkard Dead Notes Tee in White Aquarium Drunkard Decade Tee in Navy

1st Delivery: Engineered Garments F/W '15

The first shipment of Engineered Garments' Fall/Winter collection has arrived full of new faces and a handful of tried and true classics. Highlights include: the Andover Jacket in 8.5oz Chino Twill, the BDU Shirt Jacket in Cotton Herringbone and the 19th Century BD Shirt in Grey Oxford Stripe. View the first delivery here. Engineered Garments Andover Jacket in 8.5oz Chino Twill Navy Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket in Olive MoleskinEngineered Garments Popover Long BD in 6oz Denim IndigoEngineered Garments 19th Century BD Shirt in Stripe Oxford GreyEngineered Garments BDU Shirt in Cotton Herringbone Olive Engineered Garments Fatigue Pant in Olive Outback CanvasEngineered Garments USN Pant in Khaki Cotton Herringbone

Father's Day Roundup

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've thrown together some of our favorite gift ideas for Dad.
Billykirk Small Zip Dopp Kit in Cognac Leather Billykirk | Small Zip Dopp Kit in Cognac Leather  Harry's Truman Shave Set in Olive Harry's | Truman Shave Set in Olive  Shuron Sunglasses Sidewinder Demi Amber Light Gray Shuron | Sidewinder in Demi Amber Makr Carry Goods Flap Slim Wallet in Bark CXL Makr Carry Goods | Flap Slim Wallet in Bark Chromexcel  The Hill-Side Pointed Tie in Cotton/Linen Jacquard Aloha Indigo The Hill-Side | Cotton/Linen Jacquard Aloha Pointed Tie in Indigo Shinola Runwell Date 41mm Silver Case/White Dial Shinola | Runwell 41mm in Steel Case/White Dial with Date  Billykirk Duffle Bag in Olive Wax/Brown Leather Billykirk | Duffle Bag In Olive Waxed Canvas

Spring Heat

Planning on hitting up the beach or the river this summer? We've thrown together a few pieces fit for such an endeavor. Spring Look orSlow | Work Shirt in Bleach Chambray       Shuron Sunglasses Freeway Brown Smoke in Dark Grey ShuronFreeway in Brown Smoke National Athletic Goods V Pocket Tee in Mid-Grey National Athletic Goods | V Pocket Tee in Mid Grey Spring Look Shuron | Freeway in Brown Smoke    Topo Designs Rover Pack in Turquoise Silver Topo Designs | Rover Pack in Turquoise/Silver  Spring Look orSlow Work Shirt in Bleach Chambray   Battenwear Camp Shorts in Royal Battenwear | Camp Shorts in Royal Shinola Runwell Shinola | Runwell 41mm Steel Case/White Dial w/ Date

Universal Isaac

Universal Isaac took shape after carpenter Isaac Nichols needed more pots to store his ever growing collection of cacti. All pots are hand cast and painted with colorfast matte glazes in his Brooklyn studio. Pick up a Tanline, Rory or Adam pot here. Universal IsaacUniversal Isaac Adam PotUniversal Isaac Adam PotUniversal Isaac Tanline PotUniversal Isaac Tanline PotUniversal Isaac Rory PotUniversal Isaac Rory Pot

Barena Spring/Summer '15

The latest season from Barena will help you transition into the warmer months - the Burchiello Ring Sweater and Nalin Jersey Henley are both solid choices for those early spring nights. View the full collection here. Barena Burchiello Ring Sweater in NavyBarena Burchiello Ring Sweater in NavyBarena Nalin Jersey Henley in BiancoBarena Nalin Jersey Henley in BiancoBarena Pioppo Telino Popover in NavyBarena Pioppo Telino Popover in Navy