Monthly Archives: June 2015

Father's Day Roundup

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've thrown together some of our favorite gift ideas for Dad.
Billykirk Small Zip Dopp Kit in Cognac Leather Billykirk | Small Zip Dopp Kit in Cognac Leather  Harry's Truman Shave Set in Olive Harry's | Truman Shave Set in Olive  Shuron Sunglasses Sidewinder Demi Amber Light Gray Shuron | Sidewinder in Demi Amber Makr Carry Goods Flap Slim Wallet in Bark CXL Makr Carry Goods | Flap Slim Wallet in Bark Chromexcel  The Hill-Side Pointed Tie in Cotton/Linen Jacquard Aloha Indigo The Hill-Side | Cotton/Linen Jacquard Aloha Pointed Tie in Indigo Shinola Runwell Date 41mm Silver Case/White Dial Shinola | Runwell 41mm in Steel Case/White Dial with Date  Billykirk Duffle Bag in Olive Wax/Brown Leather Billykirk | Duffle Bag In Olive Waxed Canvas

Spring Heat

Planning on hitting up the beach or the river this summer? We've thrown together a few pieces fit for such an endeavor. Spring Look orSlow | Work Shirt in Bleach Chambray       Shuron Sunglasses Freeway Brown Smoke in Dark Grey ShuronFreeway in Brown Smoke National Athletic Goods V Pocket Tee in Mid-Grey National Athletic Goods | V Pocket Tee in Mid Grey Spring Look Shuron | Freeway in Brown Smoke    Topo Designs Rover Pack in Turquoise Silver Topo Designs | Rover Pack in Turquoise/Silver  Spring Look orSlow Work Shirt in Bleach Chambray   Battenwear Camp Shorts in Royal Battenwear | Camp Shorts in Royal Shinola Runwell Shinola | Runwell 41mm Steel Case/White Dial w/ Date